Thursday, April 8, 2010

Karzai Crazy?

So Afghan President Karzai has threaten to quit and join the Taliban. Big news. Big shock to the White House. Why is he acting so strange? Why would he do stuff to under mind NATO efforts and play right into the hands of the Taliban.

It couldn't possibly be that the US has given a date for when its leaving. At date after which he'll be on his own, surrounded by war lords, Taliban and the business as usual Afghan way.

I would assume that when NATO leaves they won't be taking him with them. So who can blame him. He's not in danger of being kicked out of office. He's in danger of being horribly maimed and killed.

So why is anyone surprised at how he's acting?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

By using my AMAZING powers of prediction, which foretold of how Obama would completely screw up the USA in the same way Trudeau turned Canada into a pine cone republic, I have seen a vision of what is to come.

Obama will be of course noted in history as the first black President, but he will also be noted as the President whose policies led to one of the most shocking turn around in US electoral history. I know that smarter folk than me have predicted the GOP taking back the house or what have you by using more scientific means but I am going to go out on a limb and just predict that not only will it be a victory for the Republicans it will be a massive victory. One so huge that neither the Republicans or the Democrats can possibly imagine.

How is this possible?


Every single thing Obama and his crew do, say or attempt seems to piss off the general populace even more. Each intrusion, and make no mistake people see these endless nanny state things exactly as what they are, drives more people into the arms of the Tea Party.

Sucking up to the bad guys while insulting Allies is also a factor no one is paying attention. If Tom Hanks retarded remarks about fighting the Japanese could basically KILL a big HBO series that was expected to do as well as Band of Brothers that would suggest that people do pay attention. I think that Americans have noticed how the White House is acting to Israel, Britain, etc and they are not impressed.

Obama has basically blown it and it may take some time to recover. Now if only the GOP can learn the lesson that the people don't want big government.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ukraine Gives Up on NATO

THIS is what happens when you have a President and Congress who are completely out to lunch regarding who's a friend and who's a foe. The Ukraine is no longer seeking to join NATO. And why would they now that Obama and crew have...

Insulted every ally and sucked up to every tin-pot dictator
Dumped the missle defence shield
Stopped production of the F-22
Slowed or stopped the Future Weapons program
Annouced it wouldn't use Nukes unless its too late

This is what happens when you put grade school teachers in change of a country.