Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Bombings In Russia

The Islamaholics have bombed another Russian city killing 9 so far. The Russians were warned a wave of attacks were coming. The West should remember that lessons learned by these crazies in far off places like Russia or the Philippines can be (have been and will be) applied to attacks in the West. This is why no one in the Philippines was surprised on September 11th, 2001.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

But What About Tim Hortons?

I'm sure this will tip the balance of the war effort against the Taliban. The US Commander is banning junk food in Afghanistan.

Burgers go way of booze as US general Stanley McChrystal bans junk food

First he banned booze in his Kabul headquarters. Now the notoriously austere commander of US and Nato forces has a new target in his war on terror: ice cream and fast food.

General Stanley McChrystal, the former commander of Special Forces in Iraq, who runs eight miles a day, eats one meal and sleeps for only four hours a night, has given orders to close the junk food concessions on Nato bases.

Will this affect the Tim Hortons outlets that serve the Canadian Troops?

I would hope not. Tim Hortons has proven to be a great supporter of the Canadian efforts in the region. It would be a shame to have that taken just because some American General thinks junk food is bad.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Moscow Bombings

Two female suicide bombers have set off explosions in the Moscow subway killing at least 35 people. I am aways amazed this hasn't happened in the US of A yet.

Hopefully it won't while the FBI are busy raiding those evil Christians.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Non-motorized Morons

Meanwhile south of the border Obama's Army of Luddites push another half baked idea to make the USA more like some sad commie shithole.

Transportation Department Embraces Bikes, and Business Groups Cry Foul

“This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of nonmotorized.”

Now having visited various American Cities I have noticed that some of the sidewalks are on par with say Laos. However, there were also many places I wouldn't want to walk, or bike or even drive into for that matter. But that aside to make something equal which is not is typical of the backwards thinking of Hippies.

Toronto has a policy not unlike what is suggested here and it's nightmarish. Less than 10 percent of the traffic gets huge funding for "bike paths" which means they paint a line on the road making it smaller. The bike-nazis, most of which should be riding a broom, pedal about like the Over Lords of Tomorrowland disregarding all rules of traffic, riding on sidewalks when in suits them, and going into a pious rage when a motorist doesn't notice them. This usually happens when they ride up into a drivers "blind spot". You know, that place where you might not see A TRUCK coming up behind you. But all drivers are some how expected to see them or hear them ringing their pathetic little bells inside a running car.

Jesu Christi, help us. The one thing that is most annoying about these idiots is that they are as self-important and bossy as they are clueless. No wonder so many go of them go into teaching.

Earth Hour My Ass

One thing that points out the utter and complete stupidity of Earth Hour, besides the fact it doesn't change anything, is that the organizers seem to be under the delusion that its the same time everywhere on the planet. I hate to be the one to point this out but its not. The world is round you see. Because of the the rotation we have this thing called time zones. In fact it isn't even March 28th everywhere at the same time. When earth hour is going on in New York its 7 am in Hong Kong.

Jumping on the the now wheel-less band wagon the Liberal Party of Canada have "heard the call" and are suggesting a new carbon tax. The logic being if we can't dictate your behaviour through the courts we will force you to do as we wish by making it expensive. This won't effect the well paid leadership of the Liberals however.

Liberals hear call for carbon tax

The idea of a carbon tax as a means of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, which the Liberals rode to a resounding defeat in the last federal election, got strong support from invited experts at afternoon panel discussions on the theme of energy, environment and economic growth.

Just what Canadians want, ANOTHER TAX!

Just so eveyone knows. I will be switching on every light in my place and turning on every device for one hour. Hippies I never met don't get to dicate to me when I can shop, use energy and so on. My wallet dicates those things.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr Know it All

Free Press Grupenfurher Robert McChesney

If you haven't read this article by Steve Forbes yet please do.

The tedious commie douche bag in question is pictured above. Are we sick of the hippies yet? I was sick of these self important blowhards by grade two. Everyone goes on about Obama being the first Black President. He's actually the first HIPPY President.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

With a Friend Like Obama...

Much noise has been made about how Obama continually snubs various allies whilst sniffing the reeking bum bums of every tin-pot dictator and scum bag leader on the planet. This comes as no surprise to 20Alpha4 as within ten minutes of being made King of the World Obama forgot about the NAFTA deal in favour of isolationism with his "buy local" directive.

This was followed by repeated snubs of our conservative Prime Minister at various international buffets and hob-knobbing conventions.

But, oh by the way, please leave your troops in harms way in Afghanistan beyond the 2011 pull out date. Just don't expect us to ever take note of the dead and wounded. A number that equals Britain's sacrifice in that conflict. (Don't worry though, Britain gets snubbed too.)

Obama is certainly the worst American President in my life time. Carter usually gets that label, but I think if Carter was encountered outside of the realm of politics he'd be an okay guy to go fishing with. Obama is arrogant beyond measure. He might even be as arrogant as Trudeau. And that's saying something.

So America has some big problems, and unfortunately so do all of its allies.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Luck!

Well I do like to say "I told you so". And I did. No one was really interested in my comparison of Obama and Trudeau but with the passage of the Health Care Bill I think I have been proven correct. However it took Trudeau many years to complete screw up a perfectly good place to live. It seems Obama is managing to inflict the same sort of damage a lot more quickly.

Just so you know, massive inflation should be the next thing to plague you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tom Hanks Needs to Know

Tom Hanks claims that the War against Japan was due to "racism".

He is correct.

Except it was JAPANESE racism that was at the heart of it.

The belief in the deity of the Emperor, and the superiority of the Japanese Race that gave them divine right to rule over all the lesser folk of Asia. This belief was fully demonstrated in China, The Philippines and else where with local populations either exterminated for fun by bayonet and sword, or used as slave labour.

Western liberals may feel bad about the Atomic bombs but many Asians feel we didn't drop enough of them on the Japanese for what they did.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A John Galt Moment

You know, when I pop open the Drudge or Powerline and read about all the stuff going on back in the old world I just think to myself "thank God I'm not there".

It isn't just the bad weather. Its the endless micro-management of one's life and the ongoing assault on every thing you do by an unholy alliance of bothersome busy bodies and meddling control freak overlords.

As a friend one said to me "I have more freedom here by accident".

But not everyone can do a John Galt, up and spilt and watch from afar as the West sinks under the weight of debt and eco-commie-bullshit. So for those left behind I would hope you stand up to this nonsense, vote the bastards out on every level, from City Hall to the highest seats of power.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Killer Whale Kills

I am all for not killing whales. We don't need to, the products once produced by whale bits are now made from other materials and so forth however... Being shocked at a Killer Whale killing a trainer is sort of stupid. It is after all a KILLER whale. They are called that for a reason. They kill seals and eat them. What happened with Tilikum isn't totally clear but it does serve to remind that wild animals are WILD, even in captivity. If domesticated animals such as dogs can attack and kill why should we think a whale might not, especially an older bull whale. Thanks to Disney, PETA and the disconnection between the rural and the urban many people have no idea how dangerous animals can be. Instead we name them cute names, project 'human' qualities on them and forget that they aren't cartoon characters.

20A4 Blasts MSM over Blasted

There is something about the way Yahoo News or MSN headlines are written that just makes me cringe. I can't quite put my finger on it but I think it might be overuse the terms "blasted" or "blasts". A typical headline would be "so and so BLASTED such and such over something" or "whatshisname is blasted by whoever". This phrase seemed to come into use a lot back in the early zeros. Being blasted no longer meaning having a car bomb go off beside the cafe you are enjoying a peaceful afternoon coffee in, or having some nutter with a shotgun come into the office. Now blasted means some one has told you what for.

Which of these tag lines uses the term blasted in its correct context?

James McAvoy blasted for bulimia gaffe
Huckabee's blast exposes rift on the right
Software maker blasts 'vigilantism' in Pa. school spying case
Simpson dad blasts Mayer
Chinese curling coach blasts team, accuses rink of being 'amused' by loss
Guergis, Conservatives, blasted for neglect of women's issues
Suicide blast in northwest Pakistan town market kills 8 and wounds 37
Zuma blasts sanctions' extension
Chelsea staff are blasted over Cole