Wednesday, March 3, 2010

20A4 Blasts MSM over Blasted

There is something about the way Yahoo News or MSN headlines are written that just makes me cringe. I can't quite put my finger on it but I think it might be overuse the terms "blasted" or "blasts". A typical headline would be "so and so BLASTED such and such over something" or "whatshisname is blasted by whoever". This phrase seemed to come into use a lot back in the early zeros. Being blasted no longer meaning having a car bomb go off beside the cafe you are enjoying a peaceful afternoon coffee in, or having some nutter with a shotgun come into the office. Now blasted means some one has told you what for.

Which of these tag lines uses the term blasted in its correct context?

James McAvoy blasted for bulimia gaffe
Huckabee's blast exposes rift on the right
Software maker blasts 'vigilantism' in Pa. school spying case
Simpson dad blasts Mayer
Chinese curling coach blasts team, accuses rink of being 'amused' by loss
Guergis, Conservatives, blasted for neglect of women's issues
Suicide blast in northwest Pakistan town market kills 8 and wounds 37
Zuma blasts sanctions' extension
Chelsea staff are blasted over Cole

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