Monday, December 28, 2009

Pre 9/11 Thinking?

The last line of defense; heroes like Jasper Schuringa

One thing that many good bloggers have pointed out is that the current US Administration is living in a pre-9/11 land of make believe. This has been demonstrated very clearly by their abandonment of the term "War on Terror". Not that it was the best term, but it was better than nothing. Which is exactly what we have now.

By going back to the Clinton years of not admitting there was a problem, or taking actions to prevent problems and the foolish notion that it is some thing for the police and courts Obama and friends are setting up the west for another big attack.

Fortunately it is not Pre-9/11. The Administration can live in that land of make believe all they want but majority of the public in the West is well aware of who is a threat. So while airport security is wasting time treating everyone equally except those who should be watched the average person is aware. Thank God for that. Because the second some kook starts to try to set his ginch on fire or light his shoes he will find himself in a rugby scrum of heroes.

I think it is highly doubtful that without actual firearms a gang of 9/11 types could take control of an airline. Certainly they couldn't do it without being challenged and fought by those who are not willing to go like cattle to the butcher. The old thinking that when terrorists strike we are to sit quietly and do what we're told until the 'authorities' can take care of it will never be heeded again. People know now who the threat is, what they want and what the result of doing nothing is.

Friday, December 25, 2009


NWA passenger was trying to blow up flight into Detroit

A man suspected of planning to blow up a Delta Air Lines flight in Detroit could face charges as soon as Saturday according to an official familiar with the case.

The suspect is a Nigerian national who claims to have ties to al-Qaida.

It was unclear today why the man wanted to attack the flight arriving from Amsterdam.

Unclear????? Did the person who wrote this type that sentence in all seriousness? Unclear. If some bomb happy Islamic Nutter's motivations are unclear to you, Mr. Reporter perhaps you should get another job. Like pumping gas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Sad State of Affairs

Running for the cash-grab

Is there not ONE politician or leader in the Free World who has the minerals to stand up and point out what a bunch of bullshit this all is and what a bunch of murdering despots and dime-store hoods people like Chavez and Mugabe are?



We are truly screwed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Regarding Comments and Dumb Asses

"Trudeau's Father wasn't an industrialist, he just owned a couple of gas stations...."

If you don't have the sand to post as anything more than 'anonymous' I might not let the post go up. Although, if it amuses me and it displays how much of a moron you are, like the pea brain who claimed Trudeau's Father wasn't a wealthy man but only owned "a couple of gas stations", I will let the post go up and then ridicule it, point out the facts and call you a dumb ass.

As for Mr. Gas Station Dumb Ass' remarks...

Trudeau was born in Saint-Michel-de-Napierville, Quebec, the son of Marie-Malvina (née Cardinal)(1849 - 1931) and Joseph Trudeau (1848 - 1919). Trudeau built a fortune by building a number of gas stations around the Montreal area. Among his investments, Trudeau had interests in mining companies and was a shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Royals baseball team.[2] He also had a financial interest in Montreal's Belmont Park

As for posts in languages I don't speak, sorry. No English, no approval.

Diane Franics Proves Her Ignorance

Canadian "writer" (that's not writing, that's typing) Diane Francis was digging through her box of old first year York University Essays last week and gave one to the Financial Post to be published. This article on how everyone should only be "allowed" to have one kid each in order to save Mother Earth has gained more than a bit of international attention. Although there are no shortages of things to pick at with her article or the premise it puts forward there is one thing that needs to be pointed out to Diane and all the other morons who seem to worship Mao.

The One Child Policy didn't come about because the Jedi council sat down with Gandhi, Peter Gabriel and Bono to figure out a do-able solution for Beijing traffic problems. The One Child Policy was imposed because collective farming didn't work. In fact when it failed to provide for the current population Chairman Mao issued a decree for everyone to "kill a swallow" which the party blamed for eating the harvest. When the swallows were all dead the result was the "bitter harvest". With no swallows to eat the locusts and grasshoppers the harvest was destroyed.

The unforeseen result of this policy today is that Chinese have to "hire" daughters from elsewhere to care for them in their old age. Yet all of these points are lost on genius and Mother of two Diane Francis.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Arms Bust in Bangkok

More of the usual from the usual suspects...
From the BBC

Thailand seizes 'arms plane flying from North Korea'

Thailand has seized a cargo plane refuelling in Bangkok airport, which it says was carrying weapons from North Korea to an unknown destination.

The five crew members were also detained.

Rocket-propelled grenades, missiles and other weapons were found aboard, military investigators said.

It is believed that the plane had made an emergency request to refuel. It had taken off from the North Korean capital Pyongyang, the Thai Air Force said.

According to local media reports, four members of the crew are from Kazakhstan, and one from Belarus.

Thai officials said they had acted on a tip-off from foreign intelligence, with one official telling Reuters news agency, on condition of anonymity, that the US had supplied the information.

"It [the plane] came from North Korea and was heading for somewhere in South Asia, probably Pakistan," the same official added.

Another unconfirmed report suggested Sri Lanka as the destination.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I know there has been much hype about this new movie but it combines many of the elements that I have grown to hate despite the love of Sci-Fi I had in my youth. I strongly dislike CGI. I strongly dislike 3D. I strongly dislike how every potentially good movie in the last ten years has had the same commie subtext. This movie is no different. It's Vietnam/Iraq in space with the skinny Smurfs as the unfortunates who stand in the way of the military industrial stuff.


PLEASE, someone make a movie about bad guys getting their asses kicked because they deserve it. Bad guys who aren't us. You know the REAL bad guys. Like the Taliban. Or the bastards who run Burma or Laos.

I would bet this movie will be, to use the parlance of our times, "A Massive Fail".

Monday, December 7, 2009

Warmer Colder

In light of the recent Climategate email leak one thing all those opposed to these stupid hippy laws restricting everything on behalf of Gaia should consider.

The question here isn't whether it is getting colder or warmer. Because they'll (the hippies) will switch that up as it suits them. The question that they need to be called on is DID WE CAUSE THIS. When they say "yes" we need to say, "okay, prove it to me".

Clearly it is not getting any warmer and they've bet on the wrong horse. But don't think they won't rename warming to something else and just keep going with this. They will. They are like zombies.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shut Up and Bring Tanks

These are not American Soldiers

A few thoughts on both Obama's speech and Hillary's comments about "all nations" getting involved in the Afghan mission.

A whole bunch are. Already. In fact several of these countries, the ones actually fighting not just hiding in their bases, have been asking for MORE troops for several years.

So perhaps Hillary should tell her boss to send as many troops as possible and shut about about withdrawal dates. Outside of the US Military Canada's work, sacrifice and commitment has been largely ignored.

As for all nations... This sort of retarded League of Nonsense Teach the World to Sing crap reveals how naive Team Obama are. There are an awful lot of nations who shouldn't be there. Who you don't want there because they'd side with the bad guys. The Taliban are bad guys. Not just people we don't agree with. They are folk who are evil, believe evil things and have no problem killing anyone who disagrees with them. So instead of all this dancing around the Barney tree holding hands and singing Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, Hillary snap out of it and take the gloves off.

What Obama should have said was "We are going to win. The Taliban are evil and we will kick their asses into the vortex of history and we will take as long as it takes". But that would take a real leader to say. Not just some commie meat puppet.

By the way. Bring lots of tanks. The Taliban don't have any and we do. They are very afraid of them.

Now I need a morning coffee.