Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shut Up and Bring Tanks

These are not American Soldiers

A few thoughts on both Obama's speech and Hillary's comments about "all nations" getting involved in the Afghan mission.

A whole bunch are. Already. In fact several of these countries, the ones actually fighting not just hiding in their bases, have been asking for MORE troops for several years.

So perhaps Hillary should tell her boss to send as many troops as possible and shut about about withdrawal dates. Outside of the US Military Canada's work, sacrifice and commitment has been largely ignored.

As for all nations... This sort of retarded League of Nonsense Teach the World to Sing crap reveals how naive Team Obama are. There are an awful lot of nations who shouldn't be there. Who you don't want there because they'd side with the bad guys. The Taliban are bad guys. Not just people we don't agree with. They are folk who are evil, believe evil things and have no problem killing anyone who disagrees with them. So instead of all this dancing around the Barney tree holding hands and singing Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, Hillary snap out of it and take the gloves off.

What Obama should have said was "We are going to win. The Taliban are evil and we will kick their asses into the vortex of history and we will take as long as it takes". But that would take a real leader to say. Not just some commie meat puppet.

By the way. Bring lots of tanks. The Taliban don't have any and we do. They are very afraid of them.

Now I need a morning coffee.

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