Sunday, December 13, 2009

Regarding Comments and Dumb Asses

"Trudeau's Father wasn't an industrialist, he just owned a couple of gas stations...."

If you don't have the sand to post as anything more than 'anonymous' I might not let the post go up. Although, if it amuses me and it displays how much of a moron you are, like the pea brain who claimed Trudeau's Father wasn't a wealthy man but only owned "a couple of gas stations", I will let the post go up and then ridicule it, point out the facts and call you a dumb ass.

As for Mr. Gas Station Dumb Ass' remarks...

Trudeau was born in Saint-Michel-de-Napierville, Quebec, the son of Marie-Malvina (née Cardinal)(1849 - 1931) and Joseph Trudeau (1848 - 1919). Trudeau built a fortune by building a number of gas stations around the Montreal area. Among his investments, Trudeau had interests in mining companies and was a shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Royals baseball team.[2] He also had a financial interest in Montreal's Belmont Park

As for posts in languages I don't speak, sorry. No English, no approval.

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