Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Going To Take It Anymore

As happy as I was to see the election results I am twice as happy to see people standing up to the TSA and their totally inappropriate security measures. It's ridiculous to suggest that these annoying, intrusive and offensive searches and pat-downs will stop the real terrorists. If anything it strains the system that should be looking out for the likely suspects, which of course are THOSE WHO CAN'T BE NAMED.

And Big Sis's article was equally laughable. It had the tenor and style belonging to some one running a elementary school, sending out a letter to unruly students that were angry about recess being cut short. Meanwhile those bastions of intellect and truth to power like the LA Times and the New York Times and advising us to "Shut up and be scanned".

How about NO, we won't shut up, and NO you can't grope or scan us.

How is it that suddenly the NYTs and LATs is suddenly concerned about terrorism and security? Right....

The TSA are NOT an actual police force. I can't imagine they have much training beyond the basic functions of their job. They should have no authority to do what they are doing at all. Period. A real peace officer should be called in IF AND WHEN there is probable cause and they can do the check. Professionally, one would hope.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Touch My Rattle

I've been meaning to write about the new naked-scanners and the TSA pat down frenzy for several weeks however an extreme case of laziness has prevented from me from acting on this. I have to say I am more than pleased to see the objections grow to their current size and fury during the time I couldn't get around to writing about it.

I believe that following the election at the beginning of the month everyday Americans have realized that they can in fact take control of a situation. With this new found spirit of '76 it was inevitable that the TSA would run into trouble with the scanners and the ridiculous pat down procedure. Perhaps the Tea Partiers could alter the "Don't Tread On Me" flag to say "Don't Touch My Rattle" and use it as banner. Twisted Sisters' "We're not Gonna Take it" could be the anthem.

At what point do people just say "enough of this bullshit" and stand up? Let us see. I predict (using my amazing powers of prediction) that the TSA will be DOA in a few years. I also would be surprised to see the current shake down pat down would survive for Christmas. But then I'm an optimist!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Elections & Erections

For shame to those conservatives who hung their heads in defeat back in 2008 (or like that Green Football guy, jumped ship) because Obama won. If you truly believe that the lefts policies are doomed to fail, why despair? It was only a matter of time before the Dems screwed things up badly enough that normal folk would run the other direction.

And oh how they've run.

Well... I am sad to see that Boxer survived the night. I haven't seen if Reid has as well. Those two pompous twats would not be missed. But that aside it looks very good. I don't expect the Senate will be won but still with Congress in the bag, and the Senate at least close it will throw a wrench into the works of the socialist machine.

Now it's all a matter of voting fraud for the Dems.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Thoughts on Nov 2nd

I haven't been blogging much because I've had other items to attend to. However I thought I'd say a few things prior to the US Election. I've already predicted way back in the spring that the Dems will get their asses handed to them. However I am truly worried about election fraud and other typical leftist shenanigans.

The John Stewart rally struck me as totally pathetic. Stewart is not funny. He's the smart ass guy at the back of the class taking the piss out of the Science teachers checked trousers, nothing more. Mr. Know it all, Mr. Sneer. He is a poor imitation of what Chevy Chase did well on Saturday Night Live decades ago.

Colbert is another sad case. The walking talking straw man. If conservatives were of color perhaps he'd put on black face and sing negro spirituals. What he does is no different. He pretends to be a conservative, but isn't, and as a pretend conservative he can say the things that we don't really say, but all the self important progressives THINK we say.

So 30,000 people showed up at their rally. Great.

Cat Stevens?? I'm sorry but why exactly would you invite that old twat? I hated Cat Stevens long before he became a self-righteous Islamic mouthpiece. I hated his flaccid-dick bearded hippy strumming back in the 1970s. But that's just me. I don't understand what point inviting him makes. Are the youth of today interested in this guy? Do they even know who he is other than some crap their bra less hippy Aunt listens to? I don't know. All I know is if Stewart and Colbert were trying to out do Glenn Beck they failed.

As for tomorrow's vote... It would be nice to think that what has been happening, slowly over the last however many years, with more and more intrusive "guidance" from our betters could be stopped at the ballot box. Let's hope it does.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About that "Mubai Style"

The recent alerts about a "Mubai style" terror attack in Europe should bring home the fact that talking nicey nice to a bunch of murderous religious fanatics is not very affective. The best policy is to either lock them up forever or shoot them. The West ignored the rise of these nutters and has suffered for it. Everyone (the press) seems to have forgotten the planned Salsberg Christmas attack from 2000. The usual suspects were arrested by German police a day before they could pull it off, and the authorities only learned what the target was AFTER the arrest when they reviewed the terrorists recon videos.

Every big attack that has occurred in the West had dry runs or lesser versions in the third world. Even the September 11th attacks were originally planned and dry runs were conducted in the Philippines. The biggest fear for the West should be that the terrorists abandon their desire for spectacular attacks and go for small arms and mayhem. Four or five guys on a roof with a mortar tube and some rifles during some big event could cause untold horror and panic.

The difference though with Mubai and carrying an attack out in Europe or North America would be the response. There would be no video of Police hiding behind pillars while the terrorists rampage. Quite the opposite. The Europeans have had decades of terror problems and besides the usual well armed well trained special police response teams nations like Germany, France England and others have specific military units whose sole purpose is to deal with terrorists. Units like England's S.A.S. or Germany's GSG9 would not be reading any one their "rights". It is also doubtful there would be as much confusion in the response as there was in Mubai. This isn't to say the scenario wouldn't result in horror but it certainly wouldn't go on as long. Let's just hope it never happens.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sesame Street for Boomers?

I've read that it was Kate Perry's "cleavage" that was the issue with the Elmo skit being recently pulled NOT her outfit. My question would be "what cleavage?", nice gams but no prizes in the sunshine mountain department.


Sesame Street for adults to be launched next year

Dubbed Next Avenue, it is described by Twin Cities CEO Jim Pagliarini as “a virtual ‘life coach’ for baby boomers”.

In the same way that Sesame Street taught baby boomers their ABCs, Next Avenue aims to teach those same baby boomers now how to handle their lives.

And as a lot of those baby boomers spend a huge amount of their time online, Next Avenue also features a website that carries the same theme and objectives as the TV program.

Pagliarini says it will “challenge them to see the opportunities life holds after 45.”

What the...?

First of all do people actually still watch TV?

Secondly I thought they had already done this back in the 90's.

It was called "Teletubbies"

And as for cleavage...

(Any excuse to post a photo of Jeri Ryan)

Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Lose the Youth

I have long held that irksome overlords like Obama and his crew are not far removed in their thinking from the type of principals, teachers and school staff that kids instantly recognize as evil meddlesome fun wrecking dictators.

President Obama Calls For Longer School Year; More Math & Science Teachers

Local educators react to the President's repeated support for longer school years.

In an interview Monday morning with the Today Show, President Barack Obama talked about how American students go to school about a month less per year than children in other countries.

The president also cited recent international rankings in which the U.S. ranks 25th in math and 21st in science.

Monday, some teachers told KTXS, that they think more time in school could make a difference.

This will not win any points with the kids. Not that they can vote, but I would wager all my Gold Rush Bubblegum that children are the only folk left who have a positive view of the President.

Perhaps less time in school should be spend on eco-enviro-indoctrination bullshit or field trips to the mosque. I was amazed to find when visiting some family that that nephews and nieces where stumped by math homework and seemed completely unaware of the simple tricks we used in pre-calculator days to sort out math problems. It was also clear that they had no notion of their times tables.

So what are they being taught? Collectivist nonsense.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I have fond memories of Sesame street. But that was A LONG TIME AGO. I haven't actually seen it recently although I have been annoyed by the second hand smoke of Elmo, who is to Grover what Scrappy Doo was to Scooby.

Apparently the parents who bubble wrap their kids each morning didn't like the Katey Perry outfit. I sort of like it. I suspect I would have liked it when I was 5 as well. But after the cries of the concerned they pulled the segment.

The real reason this should be pulled is not her ugly dress. It is THE MUSIC. Annoying and contrived with that gaspy breath vocal that is supposed to be from the heart or street or something.

That aside Kate does have nice gams.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spirit of 76

One image that was en grained in my mind as a kid was "The Spirit of 76". Even though I wasn't even American, this image, the theme and the idea seemed always around in the American media that came across the boarder. Perhaps this was partly do to the Bicentennial but I wonder why I haven't seen more of this used in the current climate.

The "Don't Tread on Me" flag is an obvious choice for the mood of the day but I think the image of regular men throwing off the rule of Kings and claiming their own land free from tyranny is also appropriate. That is what is at stake.

The free world is no longer "free". The West has fallen under the rule of multitude of busy-bodies and meddling do-gooders. These are the same bossy types who as Children we hated having as teachers. Talking down to us, regulating each thing we do and removing any hope for "fun". They must be voted out, and not just on the national level. How many municipalities, cities and counties have been also taken over by these zombies? All intent on making as many rules as possible for every one's own good. It's horrifying to watch, even from this distance.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Religion of Perpetual Violence

While all the big minds of the West were in a state over some guy burning a Koran the usual suspects were looking for more excuses to continue doing what they have been doing for years; persecuting Christians.

Extremist arrested over Indonesia church attack

JAKARTA: Indonesian police detained an Islamic extremist leader on Wednesday over an armed assault on Christian elders which shocked moderates and raised fears for pluralism in the world's most populous Muslim country.

Police said well-known Islamic radical Murhali Barda could face up to 12 years in prison for inciting violence and assault, after a group of men stabbed a Christian elder and bashed a priest on Sunday.

The elder was hospitalised with abdominal injuries and the priest, Luspida Simandjuntak, received minor head wounds when she was beaten with a piece of wood as she tried to help her friend.

The attack came as Simandjuntak was about to hold a service in Bekasi outside Jakarta, where a Protestant church group has faced months of violence and hostility from Muslim vigilantes.

Barda is the Bekasi area chief of a violent vigilante group called the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), which is known for its cosy relations with government officials and its armed attacks on moderates and minorities.

"The FPI's chief is accused of inciting people to do violence against others," Jakarta police spokesman Boy Rafli told AFP, adding that Barda had also been charged under the criminal code related to premeditated assault.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Tuesday ordered police to arrest and prosecute the attackers.

The leader of the most populous Muslim-majority nation strongly condemned a US pastor's plans to burn the Koran last week but has been criticised at home for failing to protect minority rights in his own country.

Eighty percent of Indonesia's 240 million people are Muslims.

So 48 MILLION PEOPLE have to put up with this bullshit because they AREN'T Muslim?

This has been going on through out the world for years with out a single word of comdenation from world leaders. Instead we get speach after speach about the religion of peace. If it is a Religion of Peace please it isn't showing many examples. When the minority they demand special treatment, when they are the majority they stiffle anyone else from doing anything counter to Islamic prececpts.