Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About that "Mubai Style"

The recent alerts about a "Mubai style" terror attack in Europe should bring home the fact that talking nicey nice to a bunch of murderous religious fanatics is not very affective. The best policy is to either lock them up forever or shoot them. The West ignored the rise of these nutters and has suffered for it. Everyone (the press) seems to have forgotten the planned Salsberg Christmas attack from 2000. The usual suspects were arrested by German police a day before they could pull it off, and the authorities only learned what the target was AFTER the arrest when they reviewed the terrorists recon videos.

Every big attack that has occurred in the West had dry runs or lesser versions in the third world. Even the September 11th attacks were originally planned and dry runs were conducted in the Philippines. The biggest fear for the West should be that the terrorists abandon their desire for spectacular attacks and go for small arms and mayhem. Four or five guys on a roof with a mortar tube and some rifles during some big event could cause untold horror and panic.

The difference though with Mubai and carrying an attack out in Europe or North America would be the response. There would be no video of Police hiding behind pillars while the terrorists rampage. Quite the opposite. The Europeans have had decades of terror problems and besides the usual well armed well trained special police response teams nations like Germany, France England and others have specific military units whose sole purpose is to deal with terrorists. Units like England's S.A.S. or Germany's GSG9 would not be reading any one their "rights". It is also doubtful there would be as much confusion in the response as there was in Mubai. This isn't to say the scenario wouldn't result in horror but it certainly wouldn't go on as long. Let's just hope it never happens.

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