Friday, January 22, 2010


Joining the REAL Marines would do this lad wonders!

Okay, I was wrong about Avatar failing. It would seem that the opposite is has happened. That doesn't mean however the movie doesn't suck.

What I find amusing though is how some people (who clearly don't get out much and never kissed a girl) have taken the whole thing to heart not unlike those annoying Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings fans.

As Trekkies or Trekkers have a name, so I name the Avatar fans AVATARDS. They are now located just below those pompous Star Wars I Wish I was a Jedi types and slightly (only slightly) above those who think cartoon animals can be sexy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obozo Goes After "The Banks"

The Yahoo News (AP) was spouting yesterday that the Dead Kennedy Seat was a message about "Jobs". No the message was, to translate to Limey, "Sod Off, Swampy". In the wake of getting their asses handed to them at a home game now the mighty hope and change bringer has decided to go after "Wall Street". This is retarded on so many levels I hardly know where to begin.

But I will.

Despite what your hippy commie ass Womyn's study teacher might have lead to you believe Wall Street and similar financial hubs are not populated by thousands of little guys who look like the Monopoly Man, sporting top hats and monocles. In fact people 99.9 percent of the people on Wall Street are just people busting their ass to get by. I'm not talking about 'the brokers' or 'bankers' as they make up only a small percent of the group. Nor am I talking about some imaginary fat cats who "make to much" despite the fact that for probably the bulk of their working lives they busted their asses and got paid zero while they built their book or their business. So being enthusiastic about going after Wall Street or any street just means you don't know anything about anything.

As for limiting the size of banks...

Why? What is with the commie preoccupation with limiting sizes of anything and everything except for THE GOVERNMENT. No limits there, because they need MORE Government to tell you what you can't do and make sure you don't. Basically what Obama is suggesting is to apply the same half thought out theories of collective farming to the financial industry. The crisis isn't with the Banks. It is with the Government making the Banks hand out loans to people who would NEVER have got a loan in Canada. Because Canadian Banks, which are by the way run by guys who look like the Monopoly Man, aren't having problems which is amazing considering what other problems Canada might have. Instead of trying to copy Canada's screwed up health care system they should try to look at what our banks do and don't do.

Don't give out money to people who can't pay it back. Very simple.

But the real issue here is that Obama and his ilk are just the same old same. Socialists are all about controlling everything. Nothing can be too big unless they are in charge of it. Everyone must settle for less, everyone must join the miserable march of revolution to box like hovels and let our betters tell us what to do.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scanning and the Obvious

None of the 'security measures' that have been imposed on air travel over the last few years have really done anything other than annoy people. Once something is banned the guys who want to blow up a plane for Allah think of something else. Because the West has no minerals to even come out and say which particular group of dickweeds are the ones who wish to do this there is just no way the issue will ever be effectively addressed.
Take the new scanners for example. What will happen when a certain group of religion folk who believe women should be covered up like the ghost of Christmas yet to come encounter one of these I can see your ass type scanners. It will result in some sort of bitching and moaning with the end result being people who belong to that religion DON'T have to be scanned because it breaks their religions laws. And so the end result will be all of us will be scanned but the members of the very religion that want to take explosives on to a plane to blow up the filthy kufar ... will be exempt?
You think that's far fetched? Watch and see.
As for Canada banning books purchased pre flight... what the hell? Who thought that up?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten Ideas for Bono

Bono, Holy Bono has writen an opinion piece for the New York Times regarding his ten great ideas for the next decade. This comes on the heels of his chatter about how to police the internet because file sharing hurts everyone. You see Record Company weasles can't afford their coke habbit anymore and that makes them less effective at ripping off and exploiting their talent pool, which are by all accounts nothing more than serfs.

I'm not going to review Bono's ideas. They might be good. They might be bad. I don't care. And that's the point of this. Bono doesn't give a shit what I think. And that's good. I don't care what he thinks. He made two good albums back in the early 1980s then spend the next 100 years pumping out mullet powered rubbish. Now he wears silly sunglasses and goes around speaking his wisdom to all who will listen.

So here are my Ten Ideas for Bono.

1) Get rid of those sunglasses

2) Get rid of those sunglasses

3) Get rid of those sunglasses

4) Get rid of those sunglasses

5) Get rid of those sunglasses

6) Get rid of those sunglasses

7) Get rid of those sunglasses

8) Get rid of those sunglasses

9) Tell The Edge to lose the wool cap

10) Shut up, Bono. We don't care what you think.