Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Come one, come all. Witness the very moment of the final destruction of a man's career in the Music Industry! Watch in horror and the talentless doofus from the unlistenable Black Eyed Peas commits show-biz hari kari infront of thousands of TV views. And thanks to the Power of You Tube it is a moment, like the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special, he can NEVER hide from again...

You ready?

Frigtening, isn't it?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

James Bond: Hook Member

Wouldn't this nutter make an awsome James Bond Villian? I think so. In fact if the James Bond francise had any sense they'd have a Bond movie that actually delt with some one LIKE him doing bad stuff like trying to blow up a Nuke in London or some such. But unfortunately that will never happen. Only corporate executives are allowed to be bad guys in movies. Because you know its the corporations that do stuff like hijack planes, set off bombs on public transit and chop the heads off of Catholic Nuns or Buddhist Monks. NOT folk like old Hook Member here.

What's going on with his eyeball by the way?

Anyways that would be a great Bond film. You'd need Sean Connery in it though. He was the only real Bond. As for Hook Member I can understand why folk see him as a pirate but they forget this guy could never make it as a pirate. First of all he'd be all against rum. And singing bawdy sea-shanties I believe would also be a no no. No he's far too serious and pious to be a pirate. But... A sourball like this would be a great Bond Villian. Wants to rule the world, wants to kill innocent people...

Bond: "Do you expect me to talk?"

Hook Member: "No, Mr. Bond... I expect you to convert!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stupid Tuesday

Are you sick of the 2008 Election yet? I know I am. I have been since about 2006 too.
As I am not a Yank perhaps I don't fully appreciate the process. The same way I find both baseball and American football TEDIOUS to watch or think about the American Electoral process seems to have that same snooze inducing stop start snails pace speed to it. Also, as with baseball and football this time around I could care less for any of the teams. Pick your poison seems to be the order of the day.

My big question with this 2008 Election is what drugs did American's Mayor take? He COULD have won the 2008 November vote. If he had bothered to try and win the GOP nomination. Was he sleeping?

Well... He blew it. And we're left with two people I doubt can beat either Ms. Clinton or Barack Obama.

20 Alpha 4 Stupid Tuesday Front Bumpers

Mittens Romney

Okay this guy I understand from reading many well respected right side blogs is the real choice for true conservatives.

Which is fine except everytime I see him interviewed or hear him speak I am instantly revulsed. He has that same insensere quality you expect in a slick car salesman or a TV evangelist.

In many ways I've come to think of his as the Anti-Edwards. Equally phoney but on the other side of the polictical spectrum.

Snarling "Popeye" McCain

It would be ironic if a guy who was a POW in Vietnam for five years end up as the president. Really that's all I know about the fellow. I gather he has offened various conservatives with his immigration stand and other things.

Apparently he is ill tempered and spits when he is poked with a stick. I can't confirm any of these things. He strikes me (or would if I poked him) as at least honest in his own way. Thats certainly an improvement over Mittens or Hilarbeast.

Hilderbeast Clinton

This woman frightens me. She reminds me way too much of the bitter old sadistic hags I often encountered as grade school teachers. Mean spirited, self-rightous little dictators who'd take great pleasure in picking on the boys in the class.

I don't hate this woman because of her tired solicialist polictical views. I hate her because she's manipulative, dishonnest and sneaky.

Barack Obamanation

I don't know.

I don't HATE this fellow. For me he's unhateable. I don't know if he'd do a very good job.

He's said some pretty stupid shit like that business about invading Pakistan. Not that invading Pakistan is a bad idea. But what does he stand for? Change? Change what? Change the batteries in my smoke dector? Change my underwear? Change, brother can you spare a dime?

Who knows. Not me.

The kids of today sure do like him. And who can blame them. If Gen X types were sick of the Boomers and their ENDLESS TALKING ABOUT THE 1960s by 1981 can you imagine what their kids feel like?

Who does 20 Alpha 4 support?

Since none of the above appeal to me, and since I am not a Yank so I can't vote anyways here are my picks for who should be the next President of the United States.

Joel Hogdson

Here's the man for the people. He knows how to smile in the face of evil and laugh at all the bad things life can show. I say put him in charge. Let's make politics fun again. And just imagine having Crow T. Robot as Vice President and Tom Sevro as the Secretary of State! Why I feel better already.

Captain Scarlet

I was actually just going to use his picture for Mittens but then I realized I like Captain Scarlet too much to do that to him.

If you want plastic I say Scarlet!

Gurney Halleck

NO not Patrick Stewart. Not Captain Picard. Gurney. Good old Gurney.

With statements like "Mood is for love play and cattle..."

and "Sire, this is a Harkonnen Animaaaaaaaa" you know he means business.

The warrior-trobadour. Or was it trobadour-warrior. Either way he can fight AND play the Basilet. Huzzah for Gurney!

Sandy Duncan

I'm not even sure if Sandy Duncan is still with us. And I'm far too lazy to look her up on the internet. But if we must have a "first female President" I think it should be Sandy Duncan. She was always great as a cartoon on Scoobie Doo Mystery Hour.

And she had shapely gams. Far more shapely than Hilary or Mitt. Sure there was that funny eye thing but who's looking at her eyes when you can look at her gams. Shapely gams.