Thursday, February 7, 2008

James Bond: Hook Member

Wouldn't this nutter make an awsome James Bond Villian? I think so. In fact if the James Bond francise had any sense they'd have a Bond movie that actually delt with some one LIKE him doing bad stuff like trying to blow up a Nuke in London or some such. But unfortunately that will never happen. Only corporate executives are allowed to be bad guys in movies. Because you know its the corporations that do stuff like hijack planes, set off bombs on public transit and chop the heads off of Catholic Nuns or Buddhist Monks. NOT folk like old Hook Member here.

What's going on with his eyeball by the way?

Anyways that would be a great Bond film. You'd need Sean Connery in it though. He was the only real Bond. As for Hook Member I can understand why folk see him as a pirate but they forget this guy could never make it as a pirate. First of all he'd be all against rum. And singing bawdy sea-shanties I believe would also be a no no. No he's far too serious and pious to be a pirate. But... A sourball like this would be a great Bond Villian. Wants to rule the world, wants to kill innocent people...

Bond: "Do you expect me to talk?"

Hook Member: "No, Mr. Bond... I expect you to convert!"

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