Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scanning and the Obvious

None of the 'security measures' that have been imposed on air travel over the last few years have really done anything other than annoy people. Once something is banned the guys who want to blow up a plane for Allah think of something else. Because the West has no minerals to even come out and say which particular group of dickweeds are the ones who wish to do this there is just no way the issue will ever be effectively addressed.
Take the new scanners for example. What will happen when a certain group of religion folk who believe women should be covered up like the ghost of Christmas yet to come encounter one of these I can see your ass type scanners. It will result in some sort of bitching and moaning with the end result being people who belong to that religion DON'T have to be scanned because it breaks their religions laws. And so the end result will be all of us will be scanned but the members of the very religion that want to take explosives on to a plane to blow up the filthy kufar ... will be exempt?
You think that's far fetched? Watch and see.
As for Canada banning books purchased pre flight... what the hell? Who thought that up?

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