Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sesame Street for Boomers?

I've read that it was Kate Perry's "cleavage" that was the issue with the Elmo skit being recently pulled NOT her outfit. My question would be "what cleavage?", nice gams but no prizes in the sunshine mountain department.


Sesame Street for adults to be launched next year

Dubbed Next Avenue, it is described by Twin Cities CEO Jim Pagliarini as “a virtual ‘life coach’ for baby boomers”.

In the same way that Sesame Street taught baby boomers their ABCs, Next Avenue aims to teach those same baby boomers now how to handle their lives.

And as a lot of those baby boomers spend a huge amount of their time online, Next Avenue also features a website that carries the same theme and objectives as the TV program.

Pagliarini says it will “challenge them to see the opportunities life holds after 45.”

What the...?

First of all do people actually still watch TV?

Secondly I thought they had already done this back in the 90's.

It was called "Teletubbies"

And as for cleavage...

(Any excuse to post a photo of Jeri Ryan)

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