Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Lose the Youth

I have long held that irksome overlords like Obama and his crew are not far removed in their thinking from the type of principals, teachers and school staff that kids instantly recognize as evil meddlesome fun wrecking dictators.

President Obama Calls For Longer School Year; More Math & Science Teachers

Local educators react to the President's repeated support for longer school years.

In an interview Monday morning with the Today Show, President Barack Obama talked about how American students go to school about a month less per year than children in other countries.

The president also cited recent international rankings in which the U.S. ranks 25th in math and 21st in science.

Monday, some teachers told KTXS, that they think more time in school could make a difference.

This will not win any points with the kids. Not that they can vote, but I would wager all my Gold Rush Bubblegum that children are the only folk left who have a positive view of the President.

Perhaps less time in school should be spend on eco-enviro-indoctrination bullshit or field trips to the mosque. I was amazed to find when visiting some family that that nephews and nieces where stumped by math homework and seemed completely unaware of the simple tricks we used in pre-calculator days to sort out math problems. It was also clear that they had no notion of their times tables.

So what are they being taught? Collectivist nonsense.

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