Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They Who Can't be Named

Some more thoughts on the current battle between Islam and everyone else. Since the mid 1990s violent extremist Islam has popped up everywhere in the world. Looking to seek Islamic law through both legal and violent means a number of nations have slid into that sphere of influence.

Now the retarded Hippies running Washington are clamping their little hands at the victory of democracy in Turkey. A change in the constitution that empowers the Islamist President to stack the courts in his favor. You can guess what will follow.

So this is how its sits. We invade two countries to remove the evil bastards running them just to end up replacing them with people who either believe the same bullshit that the 9/11 terrorists did or who will make deals with those who do just to save their own skins. Now we've also lost Turkey, and are in the process of losing Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia to the Islamists. And let's not forget about Lebanon. What part of this should we be happy about? None of it.

This will just keep coming at us until someone somewhere stands up and points out the obvious. Unfortunately, like Harry Potter, those with their wits intact are doomed to run around in circles trying to get the "grown ups" to speak the name of the enemy.

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