Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Thoughts

Today of course is the day everyone remembers, as well they should. Islamic Terrorists killed over 3000 people in the name of their imaginary friend Allah. What I am still amazed by all these years later is how completely surprised people in North America were by this attack. No one in South East Asia was surprised by it and no one had any doubt "who" was behind it. The reason being was most of the world, from Africa to Asia had been under attack by Bin Laden's pals since the mid 1990s.

On New Years Eve 2000 the Islamics set off bombs through out Metro Manila's elevated train system killing and wounding many. The entire previous year had been one terror attack after another. But who in the west cared? They were only killing Philippinos. Nothing worth the evening news unless a western tourist or expat gets killed.

The threat of radical Islam was off the radar somehow. Even after the bombings in Africa and the USS Cole. I remember thinking while watching the news coverage of the USS Cole bombing that it was just a matter of time before they'd blow up something IN AMERICA.

Many pundits talk about "pre-9/11 thinking" and the dangers there in. That same thinking seems to be back in effect.

As for Koran burning, I agree that reading it makes more sense than burning it so that you know what you are really up against, however as far as those who burn it. Who cares? I don't. For the last decade I've had to hear about Islamics blowing up ancient Budhas, burning down churchs (often with people inside), killing priests, nuns, monks, teachers, local muslims who won't sign up, and so on. Never mind their endless flag burning. Why the hell should I worry about offending THEM? The ones who are jumping around protesting are the same ones who want to impose their bullshit beliefs on everyone. The same fellows who throw acid in the faces of unveiled women in Bangledesh. Or kill their daughters for some silly infranction.

You want to burn a Koran, knock yourself out.

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