Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Narrow Casting

With much joy a new "right wing" entertainment Internet channel has arrived. It is called Rightnetwork and is supposedly going to be a place for conservative entertainment. While I do wish them all the best I have to admit that "Conservative Entertainment" sounds too much like "Christian Rock" for my liking. Having spent much of my life being endlessly subjected to Christian Rock by well meaning yet highly annoying family members I am all too familiar with what it is; derivative. For every successful band there will be eventually a Christian version doing a weaker version of what the original did four years prior. Thus I was getting CDs given to me (gee thanks loads) in 1996 of Christian bands that sounded like what Nirvana was doing in 1991. Except they were Christian.

This is the danger of narrow casting. Instead of making conservative entertainment which sounds like PBS' Zoom "made by kids for kids", why not just make good entertainment and put it out there for everyone. Certainly the left stamping its tired old dogma on entertainment hasn't helped its cause. How hard could it be to compete in the free market?

As far as entertainment goes I want to be entertained. NOT preached at. I don't care which side of the political side it comes from.

As for Christian Rock, the only Christian Rock I ever actually enjoyed was Phil Keggy's Glass Harp. The reason being they wrote great songs and Phil Keggy is a great guitarist. Everything else I've been exposed to was never that great as usually I'd heard it done better by someone else before.

I will keep checking out Rightnetwork and see what its like. Perhaps it will entertain me.

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