Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Going To Take It Anymore

As happy as I was to see the election results I am twice as happy to see people standing up to the TSA and their totally inappropriate security measures. It's ridiculous to suggest that these annoying, intrusive and offensive searches and pat-downs will stop the real terrorists. If anything it strains the system that should be looking out for the likely suspects, which of course are THOSE WHO CAN'T BE NAMED.

And Big Sis's article was equally laughable. It had the tenor and style belonging to some one running a elementary school, sending out a letter to unruly students that were angry about recess being cut short. Meanwhile those bastions of intellect and truth to power like the LA Times and the New York Times and advising us to "Shut up and be scanned".

How about NO, we won't shut up, and NO you can't grope or scan us.

How is it that suddenly the NYTs and LATs is suddenly concerned about terrorism and security? Right....

The TSA are NOT an actual police force. I can't imagine they have much training beyond the basic functions of their job. They should have no authority to do what they are doing at all. Period. A real peace officer should be called in IF AND WHEN there is probable cause and they can do the check. Professionally, one would hope.

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