Monday, December 7, 2009

Warmer Colder

In light of the recent Climategate email leak one thing all those opposed to these stupid hippy laws restricting everything on behalf of Gaia should consider.

The question here isn't whether it is getting colder or warmer. Because they'll (the hippies) will switch that up as it suits them. The question that they need to be called on is DID WE CAUSE THIS. When they say "yes" we need to say, "okay, prove it to me".

Clearly it is not getting any warmer and they've bet on the wrong horse. But don't think they won't rename warming to something else and just keep going with this. They will. They are like zombies.

1 comment:

  1. I agree. I am actually in favor of conservation, I mean i don't want to exactly want to breath the back end of a bus for the rest of my life. The problem however, is when you lump it all together. Instead of putting the theory through the normal scientific tests, it is generally accepted as a fact. To add insult to injury they decided that global warming true, AND its our fault. Then to pile shit on shit, that we can do something about it. (only around 1% of carbon output is human related) And the mother of it all, is now our quality of life should suffer because we HAVE to save the earth. There are thing bigger than us all, most importantly our freedom to choose. Maybe i would buy one of those crap 'recyclable bags' if it wasn't being rammed down my throat as the 'morally right thing to do' (or more importantly if I thought it actually mattered and wasn't a bollocks green-washing attempt).