Monday, December 28, 2009

Pre 9/11 Thinking?

The last line of defense; heroes like Jasper Schuringa

One thing that many good bloggers have pointed out is that the current US Administration is living in a pre-9/11 land of make believe. This has been demonstrated very clearly by their abandonment of the term "War on Terror". Not that it was the best term, but it was better than nothing. Which is exactly what we have now.

By going back to the Clinton years of not admitting there was a problem, or taking actions to prevent problems and the foolish notion that it is some thing for the police and courts Obama and friends are setting up the west for another big attack.

Fortunately it is not Pre-9/11. The Administration can live in that land of make believe all they want but majority of the public in the West is well aware of who is a threat. So while airport security is wasting time treating everyone equally except those who should be watched the average person is aware. Thank God for that. Because the second some kook starts to try to set his ginch on fire or light his shoes he will find himself in a rugby scrum of heroes.

I think it is highly doubtful that without actual firearms a gang of 9/11 types could take control of an airline. Certainly they couldn't do it without being challenged and fought by those who are not willing to go like cattle to the butcher. The old thinking that when terrorists strike we are to sit quietly and do what we're told until the 'authorities' can take care of it will never be heeded again. People know now who the threat is, what they want and what the result of doing nothing is.

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