Sunday, December 13, 2009

Diane Franics Proves Her Ignorance

Canadian "writer" (that's not writing, that's typing) Diane Francis was digging through her box of old first year York University Essays last week and gave one to the Financial Post to be published. This article on how everyone should only be "allowed" to have one kid each in order to save Mother Earth has gained more than a bit of international attention. Although there are no shortages of things to pick at with her article or the premise it puts forward there is one thing that needs to be pointed out to Diane and all the other morons who seem to worship Mao.

The One Child Policy didn't come about because the Jedi council sat down with Gandhi, Peter Gabriel and Bono to figure out a do-able solution for Beijing traffic problems. The One Child Policy was imposed because collective farming didn't work. In fact when it failed to provide for the current population Chairman Mao issued a decree for everyone to "kill a swallow" which the party blamed for eating the harvest. When the swallows were all dead the result was the "bitter harvest". With no swallows to eat the locusts and grasshoppers the harvest was destroyed.

The unforeseen result of this policy today is that Chinese have to "hire" daughters from elsewhere to care for them in their old age. Yet all of these points are lost on genius and Mother of two Diane Francis.

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