Monday, November 30, 2009

The Shanty-Town Shakedown Goes Global

A face you can trust "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!"

One thing that amazes about some folk back in the first world is how much they believe and trust the UN. If you have any experience with Third World countries, their police and governments you understand that as a body made up of such countries the UN is going to employ the same sort of little greedy Nabobs that run those countries. No doubt flunkies of who ever is the current dictator. In the Third World being the sneakiest and most corrupt means you will end up with the most pay. What more plum job could some one corrupt bastard ask for than being part of the UN. Good pay, nice posting, expense accounts, perks, and no accountability for what little work you actually do. It sure beats trying to shake down the locals or the tourists.

I'm not surprised the UN jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon. What actually surprises me is why they didn't think of it themselves. It is a cash cow. The Mother of all Shakedowns. No need to plant drugs or hire the police chief's niece to make false accusations. The UN can shake down the whole Western World for a crime it didn't commit and like a frightened traveller in a foreign land they have no recourse. In fact they even believe they did something wrong so they will folk over all the money in their bank account to make the problem "go away" and like those I have known who have been kidnapped will continue to pay protection money to the Police to keep from being re kidnapped.

Sure beats working!

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