Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A John Galt Moment

You know, when I pop open the Drudge or Powerline and read about all the stuff going on back in the old world I just think to myself "thank God I'm not there".

It isn't just the bad weather. Its the endless micro-management of one's life and the ongoing assault on every thing you do by an unholy alliance of bothersome busy bodies and meddling control freak overlords.

As a friend one said to me "I have more freedom here by accident".

But not everyone can do a John Galt, up and spilt and watch from afar as the West sinks under the weight of debt and eco-commie-bullshit. So for those left behind I would hope you stand up to this nonsense, vote the bastards out on every level, from City Hall to the highest seats of power.

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