Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Killer Whale Kills

I am all for not killing whales. We don't need to, the products once produced by whale bits are now made from other materials and so forth however... Being shocked at a Killer Whale killing a trainer is sort of stupid. It is after all a KILLER whale. They are called that for a reason. They kill seals and eat them. What happened with Tilikum isn't totally clear but it does serve to remind that wild animals are WILD, even in captivity. If domesticated animals such as dogs can attack and kill why should we think a whale might not, especially an older bull whale. Thanks to Disney, PETA and the disconnection between the rural and the urban many people have no idea how dangerous animals can be. Instead we name them cute names, project 'human' qualities on them and forget that they aren't cartoon characters.

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