Wednesday, March 24, 2010

With a Friend Like Obama...

Much noise has been made about how Obama continually snubs various allies whilst sniffing the reeking bum bums of every tin-pot dictator and scum bag leader on the planet. This comes as no surprise to 20Alpha4 as within ten minutes of being made King of the World Obama forgot about the NAFTA deal in favour of isolationism with his "buy local" directive.

This was followed by repeated snubs of our conservative Prime Minister at various international buffets and hob-knobbing conventions.

But, oh by the way, please leave your troops in harms way in Afghanistan beyond the 2011 pull out date. Just don't expect us to ever take note of the dead and wounded. A number that equals Britain's sacrifice in that conflict. (Don't worry though, Britain gets snubbed too.)

Obama is certainly the worst American President in my life time. Carter usually gets that label, but I think if Carter was encountered outside of the realm of politics he'd be an okay guy to go fishing with. Obama is arrogant beyond measure. He might even be as arrogant as Trudeau. And that's saying something.

So America has some big problems, and unfortunately so do all of its allies.

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