Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour My Ass

One thing that points out the utter and complete stupidity of Earth Hour, besides the fact it doesn't change anything, is that the organizers seem to be under the delusion that its the same time everywhere on the planet. I hate to be the one to point this out but its not. The world is round you see. Because of the the rotation we have this thing called time zones. In fact it isn't even March 28th everywhere at the same time. When earth hour is going on in New York its 7 am in Hong Kong.

Jumping on the the now wheel-less band wagon the Liberal Party of Canada have "heard the call" and are suggesting a new carbon tax. The logic being if we can't dictate your behaviour through the courts we will force you to do as we wish by making it expensive. This won't effect the well paid leadership of the Liberals however.

Liberals hear call for carbon tax

The idea of a carbon tax as a means of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, which the Liberals rode to a resounding defeat in the last federal election, got strong support from invited experts at afternoon panel discussions on the theme of energy, environment and economic growth.

Just what Canadians want, ANOTHER TAX!

Just so eveyone knows. I will be switching on every light in my place and turning on every device for one hour. Hippies I never met don't get to dicate to me when I can shop, use energy and so on. My wallet dicates those things.

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