Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Ramadam, You're Under Arrest...

Malaysia might be free from colonial rule... But they seem to have traded British rule of law for backwards nonsense from the dark ages. And how long before the Religious Police start cracking down on non-Muslims breaking the Ramadan rules?

Crackdown in Malaysia on those violating Ramadan fasting norms

An undercover team has been set up in Malaysia's Kelantan state to nab Muslims who eat, drink and smoke in public places during the Ramadan fasting hours.

Kota Baru Municipal Council public relations director Azman Mohd Daham said, 10 men in plain clothes from the council's religious unit would keep an eye on food outlets. "This is the first time the council is taking this action as we have received numerous complaints about those who eat openly during the fasting period," he was quoted as saying by the local media.

In Kelantan, Muslim food outlets are allowed to operate only after 3 pm. Those caught not fasting will be fined 20 ringgit (about 140 rupees) while errant outlets can be fined up to 500 ringgit. Besides the municipal council, the Kelantan Religious Department's enforcement unit is also on the prowl for the same purpose, media reports added.