Monday, March 3, 2008

Hillary Scares the Youth

"Vote for MEEEEEEEE"

I have to admit that I am taking great pleasure in watching the smug "we know what's best for you" Queen Hillary get completely routed by Mr. Obama. That's not to say he'll do a better job. I just like to see her and her handlers who were so sure, SO SURE get completely thrashed.

"How can this be?" they ask.

For the first time they are confronted with just being old. Not old like Grampa McCain. But OLD, in tired old the same old will you please shut up about the 1960s old. They represent that generation.

I don't know about anyone else but i was sick of their opinions on everything by the time I was 10. And that was in 1976.

A generation that define themselves by a war they never fought and a rock show they never attended. The youth of today with their fax machines and hoola hoops are just not down with it, man.

After 30 years of teachers, guidance consulars, and principals who all look, act and sound just like Hillary Clinton it amazes me that they have any youth vote at all. Mr. Obama on the other hand seems more like the gym teacher. The new one. The one who isn't a jerk to the nerds and can out run the jocks and is well spoken. Who wouldn't vote for him? Well not a Republican of course but I'm trying to look at this from a neutral point of view.

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