Thursday, December 4, 2008

Harper and Dion TV

I managed to catch a bit of Dion's sales pitch on the Coalition of the Losers last night. I have to say that it was challenging to listen to. What exactly was he saying? The coalition is good... It works in other countries... Such as? Italy? Mexico? Togo? And on and on in broken English that was actually more annoying to try to listen to than old Jean Chretien was. At least Jean was amusing. Dion was just unintelligible. I missed Harper's speech altogether so I have no commentary on how he sounded.

Once again this comes back to the same old Canadian issue; East (the coalition - Liberal, NDP, The Bloc) verses West (The Conservatives).

Here are the transcripts of Harper and Dion's TV presentations.

Harper visits Governor General to ask for suspension of Parliament

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has arrived at Rideau Hall to ask the Governor General to suspend Parliament until January.

It's a bid to avoid Monday's non-confidence vote that would bring down his minority Conservative government.

Harper set up the meeting with Michaelle Jean by telling Canadians in a televised appeal that the opposition coalition represents a threat to the economy - and democracy.

But he admitted no errors in political judgment.

Nor did he offer any new measures - such as moving up the date of the budget to deal with the economic crisis - to placate the opposition.

About 40 chanting supporters, including Conservative staffers, greeted Harper as he arrived at Rideau Hall.

A single anti-Harper demonstrator stood waving a sign reading: "Harper Must Go."

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