Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ruining Gmail

So for some reason unknown to me Gmail or the Overlords of Google have decided to "take on" Facebook. How? By making what was a simple effective mail service into an experience as complicated, intrusive and annoying as Facebook is. You know, Facebook. Someone you sort of hate has poked you. Someone who couldn't actually be bothered to meet you for coffee has invited you to play some stupid and pointless game. And oh the endless updates.

What exactly is Google thinking?

Hotmail was good. Then Microsoft took over and screwed it up by reducing the amount of storage space to nearly nothing unless you paid them money. Of course no one did and EVERYONE I know moved to Yahoo. Then Yahoo mail did something similar so everyone moved to Gmail. Gmails changes will not make people leave Facebook to go to Gmail. Making Myspace more like Facebook didn't help Myspace so why would it help Gmail? What it will do is make people leave Gmail. Once people leave they don't come back, just ask Hotmail and Yahoo.

Where to move to next?

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