Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Myanmar Ambassador Rejected By Austrialians

Good for the Austrialians. The pressure needs to be kept on the Myanmar Junta so they can't just on about business as usual. In a sane world the Diggers and other troops from free nations would be going in and sorting the Monk murdering Junta out once and for all.

Australia Rejects Myanmar Military Commander as New Ambassador

Australia refused a request by Myanmar for a military commander to be accredited as the new ambassador in Canberra.

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer rejected the appointment of Brigadier General Thura U Thet Oo Maung in June because of the behavior of Myanmar's military government, the minister's spokesman Malcolm Cole said today.

``His appointment to the position would have been a political reward and he is very senior in the military,'' Cole said in an interview in Canberra. ``This is not the kind of person Australia would appoint as ambassador here.''

Myanmar's ruling junta last week sent soldiers onto the streets of Yangon, the former capital, to end the biggest anti- government protests in almost 20 years.

United Nations envoy Ibrahim Gambari met with Myanmar's detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and will hold talks with the country's top general Than Shwe today to try to persuade the government to end its crackdown.

The military has ruled the country formerly known as Burma since 1962.