Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jihad's Sickest Home Videos

Restive my ass. WHO coined that annoying phrase and why aren't they forced to shave their heads and collect alms with the Buddhist Monks in the region. Or teach school. Or work as a tree sapper. Then they might see how "restive" it is.

Mobile phones seized in restive southern Thailand depict gruesome videos

Police in insurgency-wracked southern Thailand said Tuesday that mobile phones seized from an attack site contain video clips showing suspected insurgents beheading their victims and in one case, cutting off a soldier's sex organ.

Investigators found two mobile phones in a bag left behind in an area of Yala province where suspected insurgents killed a police officer over the weekend, said police Col.Sompien Eksomya from Yala's Bannang Star district, where the attack occurred.

"We sent the SIM cards to be checked out and found gruesome video clips", he said by telephone.

One video clip taken Jan. 2, 2006 showed a suspected insurgent beheading a soldier, then severing his penis and laughing with the person taking the video, Sompien said.
The second clip was made on May 14 of this year, showing the beheading of a Buddhist man after he and his wife were shot. A third video clip filmed June 15 shows the bullet-ridden bodies of seven soldiers.

Sompien said that police were searching for the men seen in the videos.
More than 2,400 people have been killed in the Muslim-majority southernmost provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat since a long-simmering Islamic separatist insurgency flared up in January 2004. At least 29 Buddhists have been beheaded in the past three years.

And what the hell is a SUSPECTED INSURGENT? Either it was done by insurgents or not. A person might be SUSPECTED to be an insurgent but the other phrase makes no sense. Then the ommission of the actual nature of these "insurgents" makes no sense either.