Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Coalition of Losers Dies

Well so much for modeling Canada's Parliament on Italy's. The coalition between the Liberals, Bloc Heads and Taliban Jack's crew is kaput.

Ignatieff wants updates on budget's impact

OTTAWA — Michael Ignatieff effectively drove a nail in the coalition coffin today, confirming Liberals will support the Conservative budget as long as it makes key amendments.

Calling the Tory record “reckless, arrogant and short-sighted,” the Liberal Leader said he is putting the government “on probation.” He said yesterday’s budget is a “flawed document” because it does not go far enough to help Canadians who lose their jobs, fails to seize on opportunities to green the economy and lacks a credible plan for getting out of the $85-billion deficit hole.

Right. No bailout they whine, bail out they whine. And the Liberals NEVER incurred any debt when they were in power did they?

But he will table proposed changes to improve the fiscal plan and support it for the good of the country.

“Should Mr. Harper fail to satisfy the expectations of Canadians, we will be ready to defeat him and lead in his place,” he said. “Canadians don’t want another election, and they’re tired of political games. They have waited too long for action on the economy for us to fail them now because of partisan interest.”

So Mr. Unpronounceable DID check the poll numbers that came out after the coalition idea and saw the writing on the wall. Smart fellow. I will miss mumbler Dion though.

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