Friday, January 30, 2009

The King Of Scorn!


The most impressive and commonly used weapon in the socialist shoulder bag of tricks. Scorn, collected through those teen years from Cheerleaders and Jocks can be transformed through proper education into a weapon to be hurled like Lynda Blair projectile vomit at anyone who dares to question or stand in the way of the revolution. Scorn belittles the unfaithful and amuses and rallies the revolutionaries allowing them the pleasing socialist afterglow of smugness.

Women, step aside. Hell hath no fury like a political party scorned.

On Thursday, furious federal New Democrats turned their scorn on Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, the man who to them has become The Coalition Killer.

The party quickly launched an advertising campaign that aims to vilify the Grit leader for getting into bed with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in support of Tuesday's budget.

In its first phase, the campaign consists of two 30-second English-language radio ads being broadcast in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, regions where the party elected new MPs last October or where voter support is growing.

Party rep Karl Belanger said a French-language ad is almost ready to go and, depending on donations flowing from the campaign, TV ads may follow.

The party's original intention had been to advertise in support of the Liberal-NDP coalition proposal to replace the Harperites, Belanger said.

But the coalition crashed and burned Wednesday when Ignatieff declared his party intended to vote for the budget.

For Jack Layton and his party, that coalition, slapped together in the first week of December, had been the ticket to ride.

By joining forces with Liberals, the NDP had hoped to get six MPs into a Liberal-led coalition cabinet and, for a change, make real advances for their cause.

But with the early December switch from Stephane Dion's leadership to that of Ignatieff, it gradually became clear the coalition was no more than a theoretical tool to be dangled but never deployed by Ignatieff.

Then came the Ignatieff announcement of Grit support for the Harper financial plan contingent on three monitoring reports in March, June and December, an idea Conservatives -- to secure their own survival -- promptly endorsed.

At that point Layton had little choice but to cut his losses and try to maximize his party's advantage, as the only stalwart federalist opposition to the government.

"It's official," asserts one of the ads, "Michael Ignatieff failed his first big test as Liberal leader. He's thrown his lot in with Stephen Harper, a person average families can't trust to look out for them.

"Jack Layton -- the only leader strong enough to stand up to Harper and create the change that will get us through this economic crisis."

This is good strategy for the New Democrats, who understand their party has nothing to gain and everything to lose through Ignatieff's decision to reassert a stand-alone Liberal identity in Ottawa.

If Ignatieff's plan works, a strengthened Liberal party probably would steal support from New Democrats. That's a trend New Democrats must thwart. An Angus Reid poll Thursday showed Liberals with 29-per-cent support, behind the Conservatives with 38-per-cent backing.
The NDP were well back, at 18 per cent. More worryingly, the poll found the socialist party is hanging on to only 64 per cent of its 2008 voters.

To some degree, Liberals and New Democrats fish in the same anti-Conservative pond for votes. By making Liberals appear ineffectual against the government, the NDP is hoping to attract disenchanted Grits.

But it would seem Ignatieff's strategy is more in keeping with public opinion. An Angus Reid poll earlier in the week showed Canadians would prefer to see an election rather than a coalition government if the Harper government falls.

That said, there's a great deal of truth in the NDP's ads. The NDP has fundamentally lost faith in the Conservative government and can be relied upon to vote against the Harperites in any non-confidence matter. Liberals, just starting the process of rebuilding their party, prefer to bide their time before facing another election.

Jack Layton, the only political leader strong enough to try and sniff the cave reeking bum bums of the Taliban. Jack Layton, the only political leader strong enough to make a coalition with a bunch of weenies from Quebec, whose declared agenda is to break up the same country Jack Layton would seek to lead. Lead, that is if he or his stupid party ever had a hope outside of Annex Soy Bean Cooperative of actually being elected. Jack Layton, watching the closest he will ever be to actually being part of any sort of Federal Government slip away turns to his mighty sword of scorn.

What ever works for you, Jack.

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