Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thoughts on the Beck-O-Rama

I've looked at some of the video of the Big Beck Rally in Washington and I am hit by several thoughts.

First of all, that is A LOT of people. There seems to be a debate about exactly how many but it has to be at least 400,000. Even if its only 250,000, that is STILL a lot of people. The various old tyme News outlets can ignore and ridicule all they want but it shows for what sort of numbers Beck and or Palin can muster. The Democrats should be very worried.

Secondly, though I am unsure of the point of this whole thing, I dislike the religious overtones as I am dubious of ANY group of religious folk who'll take it upon themselves as a god given task to somehow try to convert me or impose their ideas of morality on me. You can be honorable and patriotic without bashing everyone over the head with your god stick.

I did like the honoring of the military, which is needed especially now with a bunch of hippies running the White House. But to be honest I'm not 100 percent sure what the point of the whole thing was.

I do think what the point SHOULD have been was liberty, freedom and free enterprise. These are the things which need to be rallied around and defended because they are the things under attack.

However I do understand the Christians must be sick of being the one group singled out as the bad guys in every movie, forbidden to display anything concerning their holidays and so forth. The left jumps on the religious tolerance buggy when it suits them such as with the Ground Zero Mosque but otherwise they've done everything in their power to destroy the rights of Christians to do anything (including telling Beck he can't pray, which they quickly backed away from).

Ultimately this will show, at least to each other, that those in the Tea Party movement are not a fringe group of a few. The media and Dems ignore this at their own risk.

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