Friday, July 27, 2007

Haneef Freed After Growing a Dan Hill Beard

Australia drops charges against Haneef

Australia has dropped all charges against Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef, who had been arrested in connection with the failed UK terror plot.A Brisbane court has cleared Haneef of all charges of abetment in the Glasgow car bombing.

Haneef had been detained in Brisbane on July 2 and was later arrested for assisting terrorists. Shortly after charges against him were dropped, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Damian Bugg, who had stepped in to review the case, said a mistake had been made and now they would further review what went wrong and how.

The doctor had been charged with providing a mobile SIM card to his cousins Sabeel and Kafeel Ahmed, who have also been accused in the case, but it was revealed the SIM card was found miles away from the scene of the Glasgow car bombing. The Australian police had faced strong criticism in Australia as well as India for slapping charges against Haneef on flimsy grounds.

So why exactly did he need to buy an Austrailian SIM card for his cousins in Scotland?

''We are happy Haneef is cleared of all charges. India will ask Australian government to provide visa to Haneef . Our first priority is to bring him back. Haneef can come back on regular visa or be deported,'' said E Ahamed, Minister of State for External Affairs. Haneef's lawyer, Peter Russo, said that if the charges were dropped, Kevin Andrews should reinstate Haneef's visa.

The honesty IS too much.

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