Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bomb Thrown at PAD Protesters

More violence in the Land of Smiles. How unfortunate. When will the King step in and sort this out?

Explosion at PAD

Nine people were wounded, one seriously, when someone threw an explosive among anti-government protesters at Makkhawan Bridge near the Government House.

The bomb was lobbed at around 3:30am from outside the gathering of members of the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), who have been staging anti-government protests since May 25 around the Makkahawan Rangsan Bridge, site of the explosion.

The target appeared to be a "forward post" used by internal security guards of the PAD movement, which has established its current headquarters inside nearby Government House.
PAD core leader Chamlong Srimuang blamed the attack on the government.

He said that the attack would not stop the PAD from marching on the British Embassy in Bangkok on Thursday to demand the extradition of Thai former premier Thaksin Shinwatara.

Khanit Sapitak, commander of the First Army region in and around Bangkok, described the explosive as a bomb, and denied any connection with the army.

Lt-Gen Khanit said he has contacted the police to investigate.

Army specialist Maj-Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol, an outspoken anti-PAD activist, also denied any involvement in the bombing.

He said, however that it is now time for the PAD supporters to leave Government House. He added that he believes the PAD faces "a group of enemies" who are adopting guerrilla techniques.

He also said that PAD guards will die every day if the group does not withdraw from the Government House.

Maj-Gen Khattiya said there are many groups that are unhappy with the PAD seizure and occupation of Government House, and its response against high-ranking officials who have came out to warn the group for the occupation.

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