Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Won't Know the Players With Out a Scorecard!

It's the big day folks! Canada is chosing its Government for the next few years or until the next vote of non-confidence, which ever comes first. But who's running? What do they look like? What is their favorite colour? 20A4 reveals all!

No Breaks for Stephan

If the Conservatives had been in power in 2003 Canada would have probably been in Iraq too. But imagine the pounding PM Harper would have taken with that. Fighting those Taliban scum has been bad enough. Will Harper get his Majority? Only time will tell.

Dion in Neon

Stephane Dion likes sunsets and walks on the beach. He would also like to be Prime Minister. Or at least Leader of the Loyal Opposition. Or do they use the word "Loyal" now. Or was it "Royal". They certainly won't use "Loyal". That's too Anglo. Damn Anglos. Always wanting more fairly distributed ridings.

Taliban Jack at Toronto's Gay Pride Day

He wants to talk to the Taliban, the furry little Taliban... Right after the big parade. Hmmm. I wonder if the Taliban would talk to him after they found out he has gay friends. Apparently, word on the street is, the Taliban don't like gays. Those crazy guys, haven't they ever watched any movies with hot lesbo action?

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Gilles Duceppe wants Quebec out of Canada. Canada wants Quebec out of Canada. So what's the problem. Go already and take Duceppe with you. Oh, but you know the 80% of your belle Province that is CROWN land. The stuff with all the minerals and resources? Yah, sorry we're keeping that.

Under me this will be your food, clothing and transportation

Elizabeth May would like everyone to settle down and sit in a circle around her feet. She's going to hand out heathly snacks and educational toys, then she's going to read us a tedious story from the boring books approved for children by people who forget what children are like association. Then she's going to make us live in huts and eat grass, because if living like cavemen for the collective isn't grabbing you, maybe living like cavemen for the planet will.

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