Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canadian Jihadist Convicted

Kooky Khawaja has been convicted although not on all counts. I hope they put him away for longer than the usual ten minutes as is the tradition in Canada. (Life Sentence in Canada equals 25 years, no I'm not making that up) What they should do with Khawaja and his ilk is charge them with treason and shoot them. But then you'd have to do that to the Block-head Quebequois guys too.

Khawaja guilty on some but not all terror charges

An Ottawa software developer whom prosecutors accused of promoting a unique brand of ideological hatred has been found guilty of some terror-related charges against him, but not all.
Momin Khawaja, the first person charged under Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act, faced seven charges in connection with a foiled U.K. bomb plot.

An Ottawa judge found him guilty on five counts of financing and facilitating terrorism and two Criminal Code offences related to building a remote-controlled detonator with the intent of causing an explosion.

However, the judge said the prosecution did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that Khawaja, 29, was aware his U.K. associates planned to bomb domestic targets using the so-called Hi-Fi Digimonster detonator he built. As a result, the charges related to the detonator weren't counted as terrorism-related charges, said CTV's Rosemary Thompson, outside the courtroom.

"So he faces a very stiff sentence down the road but the one caveat in this is his lawyer did convince the judge that his client wasn't aware of plans to bomb a night club and shopping centre as this cell was planning to do," Thompson told CTV Newsnet.

Sentencing has been scheduled for Nov. 18.

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