Thursday, October 2, 2008

Canuck-a-vote '08

Only in Canada would you have a debate in a language that most of the country doesn't speak.

Opposition leaders ganged up Wednesday night to shake Stephen Harper's claim to be the fittest leader to guide Canada through economic turbulence, criticizing him during the French-language election debate for a do-nothing attitude reminiscent to that of U.S. President George W. Bush.

"You are the economic risk," Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion said as the five party leaders sparred in the first of two debates before the Oct. 14 election. "You don't believe in the role of government in the economy. We need to have a government that believes in the role of government."

The debate, which took place at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, was seen as critical to Mr. Harper's effort to win a majority government and to Mr. Dion's efforts to revive the faltering Liberal campaign. The bout saw Mr. Harper raked over the coals, smiling thinly as his opponents did most of the talking. Although there was no gotcha moment, the multipronged barrage did appear to leave the Conservative Leader resigned to having to weather the onslaught. The Conservatives hope to capitalize on their 2006 electoral breakthrough in Quebec, but their support has stalled this past week over cuts to arts funding and proposed tougher sentences for teenagers.

Onslaught? Lets see the opposition is made up of Quebec separatists (breaking up the country is good for the economy), The NDP (Socialists), The Liberals (Corrupt Uber-Bureaucrats) and the Green Party (Luddites).

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