Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bombs in Philippines

One killed in bomb blasts in Philippines

Two bombs ripped through a bus terminal in the southern Philippines, killing at least one passenger and wounding four others.

An improvised bomb left near the baggage of passengers waiting to board buses was the first to explode, followed shortly by another in an already empty bus.

Police Senior Superintendent Roberto Kiunisala said the first blast killed a 31-year-old man and wounded at least four other people, while no one was hurt in the second explosion.

He said the attack was believed linked to attempts by a criminal gang to extort money from the bus owners and is the third attack on the company since last month.

The first blast was on July 7 also in the same terminal in Koronadal, where one person was wounded. The second, in an empty bus in the nearby town of Tacurong on July 18, wounded three passers-by.

The explosion badly damaged the bus and a nearby appliance store.

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