Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Suspected and Restive

Restive sounds too much like festive for my liking. Suspected? After over 2500 deaths shouldn't it be clear who's doing this and why? They've stated their intentions and its been pretty well established what religion these restive suspects are...

Well I guess I shouldn't expect the news to be reported with any accuracy as that might offend someone.

Suspected Muslim insurgents kill 2 health workers in restive southern Thailand

PATTANI, Thailand: Suspected Muslim insurgents shot and killed two government health workers Wednesday in violence-plagued southern Thailand, police said.

At least six gunmen stormed a public health clinic in Pattani province's Yarang district and opened fire, killing two health workers who were sitting at their desks, said police Col. Vichai In-tawong.The assailants also burnt the victims' desks before fleeing the scene, he said.

"They were targeting government officials as a symbolic attack on the state," Vichai said.

More than 2,400 people have been killed in the predominantly Muslim provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat and some parts of Songkhla since early 2004, when a separatist movement flared after a lull of more than two decades.

The only things these nutters are interested in separating is Buddhist heads from Buddhist bodies.

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