Saturday, August 25, 2007

Malaysia Becomes Asia's Islamic Busy-Body

Malaysia, where tourists get hassled by the religious police, Hindu, Sikh and Christians can't get into the better schools and their secular Constitution gets over-ridden by Islamic law, has really begun to take itself far to seriously as of late.

Malaysia urges Philippines, Muslim rebels to resume peace talks soon

Malaysia has urged the neighboring Philippines to quickly resume peace talks with Muslim rebels, saying Kuala Lumpur is closely watching efforts to bolster security in the southern Philippines, a news report said.

Philippine government officials had been scheduled to restart Malaysian-brokered talks with Moro Islamic Liberation Front guerrillas on Aug. 22, but the meeting in Kuala Lumpur was abruptly canceled last week. Chief government negotiator Rodolfo Garcia said he sought the postponement to give him more time to consolidate data and the government's position.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar said late Saturday the reasons behind the delay "should be identified quickly so that resumption of the negotiations can begin," the national news agency Bernama reported.

"It requires faith on the part of the parties involved," Bernama quoted Syed Hamid as saying. "Whatever happens in southern Philippines, it is very important for us to identify the implications and effects on Malaysia."

Syed Hamid's aides could not immediately be reached to confirm the report.

The talks have stalled since September last year over territorial demands by the rebels, who have been fighting for self-rule in predominantly Muslim areas in the southern Philippines.

Despite suspicions that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front has ties to al-Qaida-linked militants, Philippine and U.S. officials have continued to promote the talks, hoping the guerrillas would end their rebellion and not become potential allies of terror groups.

Talk yes, that has helped so many times in the past dealing with Islamic groups. Just look at all the examples of peaceful resolutions to conflicts with Islamic groups. It should be as easy as making Jello.