Thursday, August 9, 2007

Restive Suspects Kill 2 Old People

Anywhere else on the planet this MIGHT be called ETHNIC CLEANSING. But Since its Buddhist being killed by "suspected" Islamists then its just "Restive".

And who cares if that part of Thailand was a Sultandom a hundred years ago. Its the year 2550 by the Thai calendar. The Siamese Empire used to extend way beyond the Malaysian Boarder to the South. You don't see Thai Buddhist running around in Java trying to reclaim lost land from the before time.

These Islamists are nothing more than murdering barbarians and the tippy toe way the press reports their acts is nothing less than shameful.

Two Buddhists decapitated in Thai south

Suspected Muslim militants killed and decapitated two elderly Buddhists, then burned their houses in violent-wrecked southern Thailand, police said on Thursday.

The attacks in Yala province on Wednesday night followed a security sweep by government forces in the region this week in which 120 Muslim suspects were held for questioning, police and army officials said.

Among the latest casualties in a Muslim separatist campaign that started in 2004, five people were killed in Yala and neighbouring Pattani province on Wednesday, including two public health workers shot dead at their clinic.

More than 2,300 have been killed in almost daily violence in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat provinces, a Malay-speaking former sultanate annexed by Thailand about a century ago.

The militants in the latest bout of separatism in the region bordering Malaysia never claim responsibility for attacks or set out their aims.

What leaving notes on dead bodies that "all Thai Buddhists will die" isn't claiming anything?

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