Friday, August 10, 2007

Thai Buddhists Killed, ABC Spins it

The brave Islamic Warriors attacking healthcare workers. But they're Buddhist so Allah says its okay. Those damned Buddhist oppressing the South by providing health care! Australia's ABC of course tells it like the reason is all the fault of those bad Thai Buddhists who "annexed" (also known as defeating the war-like bunch of idiots south of you) the region 100 years ago.

Two beheaded, clinics attacked in Thailand

Two Buddhist health workers have been gunned down in a clinic in Thailand's restive south, while two others were beheaded in a grisly killing spree blamed on separatist rebels, police say.

Three other people have been killed in shooting attacks around the Muslim-majority region bordering Malaysia, in the latest sign of intensifying violence this month.

The attacks came as authorities stepped up a crackdown on separatists in the region where more than 2,400 people have been killed and thousands more wounded since the unrest broke out in January 2004.

The two health workers were killed inside a clinic in Pattani province late on Wednesday (local time), when militants stormed into the building and shot them at their desks, police said.

Authorities shut down 15 nearby clinics in response and could not say when they would reopen.

Separatist rebels also torched two schools in Pattani, gutting the buildings early on Thursday.

Rebels often attack government schools as they are seen as symbols of Thailand's attempt to impose Buddhist Thai culture on the Muslim-majority region.

What a crock of shit. The reason they attack schools is because these medieval halfwits don't like the idea of GIRLS being taught to read. Thailand has never attempted to impose their culture on the others. Being Buddhist they don't care what YOU believe. It's Arab culture that's being imposed on all the Muslims in Asia. Muslim women in Indonesia used to walk around half nude. Try that now.

Meanwhile, militants have beheaded two elderly Buddhists inside their homes in Pattani and then set the houses on fire, police say.

The charred remains of the headless bodies were found early on Thursday.
In nearby Narathiwat province, three people including a soldier were killed in separate shootings.

The restive region was once an autonomous Malay sultanate until Buddhist Thailand annexed it a century ago. Separatist violence has flared periodically ever since.

Oh well, I guess that's a good reason for them to go around killing everyone.

After the military seized power in Thailand last September, the post-coup Government offered a series of olive branches to the militants but the unrest has only worsened.

This year the Government has boosted military spending and deployed more security forces as part of a tougher approach to tackling the militants.

More than 200 people are being held at army bases around the region as part of the Government's latest crackdown.

Yes because they were caught making bombs. WHO WRITES THIS SHIT?

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