Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sometimes When We Touch

He's free, he's not free. The honesty IS too much so now Mohamed Haneef and his Dan Hill Beard are not off the hook.

Paper links Haneef to al-Qaida

FREED terror suspect Mohamed Haneef was regularly in contact with Islamic radicals under surveillance by Britain's top spy agency MI5.

And an Indian police file on Dr Haneef, completed after his arrest in Australia, says the Gold Coast doctor had alleged links to al-Qaida. But that so-called dossier, revealed on SBS TV last night, offered no evidence for its allegations.

It was also revealed ASIO had cleared Dr Haneef before Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews cancelled his visa.

Sources said the national spy agency couldn't find any evidence to justify an adverse security assessment against the Indian-born doctor.

Highly classified UK intelligence reveals Dr Haneef, still considered a person of interest by British and Australian officials, made contacts using medical chat rooms, international phone cards and phone boxes. It suggests this was to avoid detection and suspicion.
The leaked dossier, part of the information underpinning Mr Andrews's decision to revoke Dr Haneef's visa, alleges he spoke to a number of suspects about a "project" and a "purpose" before failed bombings in London and Glasgow

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