Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drugs From Laos? Really?

Hardly a large bust. I wonder who they crossed to get turned in.

Drug traffickers caught at Vietnam–Laos border

A group of traffickers was caught red-handed while trying to transport 14 cakes of heroin (approximately 7kg) from Laos to Vietnam on August 24.

According to border police from Quang Tri Province in Viet Nam and Savalnakhet Province in Laos, the suspects are members of a drug trafficking ring operated by a 38-year-old car dealer named Pet in Savalnakhet, Laos.

Vietnamese and Lao police have been tracking the group’s activities since their illegal acts were first detected in May 2007.

On August 24, two drug traffickers led by Pet were stopped by Lao Police in Se Pong District while transporting heroin toward Viet Nam by car. A search revealed 7kg of heroin, 18,000 Baht and US$200.

Under police interrogation, Pet revealed two of his accomplices, Thao Mom and Thao Nen.

According to the suspects, the heroin is of high quality, often referred to as “ice water.” Each 0.5kg cake goes for VND225 million (approximately US$14,000) in black markets.

The three suspects stood trial yesterday.