Friday, August 10, 2007

Religion of Pieces of Dead Buddhists

Here's a question for you. Why don't these explainers of Islam go and tell the medieval half-wits running around all over the planet that Jihad DOESN'T mean killing your Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Sunni, Shia neighbour?

Muslim speaks up to bridge the gaps

A visiting American Muslim is debunking the myths of jihad as she promotes Islam Awareness Week.

Tayyibah Taylor, spoke to students from seven colleges at the Wellington mosque in Kilbirnie yesterday about how people associate Muslims with terrorism.

"The association with terrorism . . . is a huge challenge. This huge community has been defined by a few who are violent (but) those are a minority of a minority."

Muslims in the United States were saddled with the challenge of experiencing both anti-Muslim and anti-American rhetoric, said Trinidad-born Ms Taylor, who has been an American citizen for 18 years.

"We have to explain being Muslim to our American counterparts and we have to explain being American to our Muslim counterparts."

Equally, the translation of the word jihad as "holy war" had been negative for Islam, she said. "In Arabic syntax you don't put those two words together. Jihad means struggle (and stands for) the internal struggle between good and evil within yourself."

Ms Taylor, founder and editor of Muslim women's magazine Azizah, talked to groups in Brunei and Perth before visiting New Zealand. She was invited to speak by the Office of Ethnic Affairs, with the support of the US embassy.

Ethnic Affairs Minister Chris Carter said Islam Awareness Week, starting next Monday, was about strengthening ties between Muslims and non-Muslims.

News Flash for you, lady. For myself, and I'd bet MOST other non-Muslims, we don't give a rat's ass what you do on your own time. If you want to bash your head on the mat five times a day talking to your invisible friend, go right ahead. You do that.

You want to not eat pork and walk about looking like the frickin Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come go right ahead.

I don't care. I'd bet none of us care.


When when you go apeshit every time anyone says something about your religion, and start violent insurrections every time your numbers hit about ten percent of the population, or start oppressing those who aren't Muslim in the places you are the majority....

Well its kind of shows what Islam is all about.

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