Monday, August 13, 2007

The Future of Indonesia

Muslims meet in Jakarta for pan-Islamic state talks

About 80,000 people gathered in the Indonesian capital on Sunday for a conference hosted by a radical international Muslim group, Hizbut Tahrir.

Hizbut Tahrir said the gathering was aimed at strengthening Muslims' commitment to revive the Caliphate, a single Muslim government across the Islamic world, through peaceful means.
The group hired the 80,000-capacity Bung Karno Stadium in the heart of Jakarta for the International Caliphate Conference.

"After the destruction of the Caliphate, tragedy after tragedy has descended on the Muslim world," said Ismail Yusanto, the spokesman of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, at the meeting opening.

"Our nation has been divided into 50 and the infidel colonialists picked rulers in each of these countries," he said.

Those DAMNED INFIDELS!! Colonizing, teaching girls to read, stopping us from picking on other religions!

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