Monday, August 20, 2007

The Vote is Over, The Fun Begins

How this will all play out? As my Father would have said "Only time will tell"

The Bangkok Post says....

Referendum leaves Thailand deeply divided

Thailand's first-ever referendum has endorsed a new military-backed constitution for the kingdom but it was no landslide victory.

According to a final count of ballots cast, only 57 per cent of the people who bothered to vote Sunday supported the new charter, with 42 per cent rejecting it. And despite being the country's "first-ever" referendum, the novelty value was insufficient to draw the masses to the polling stations.

Only 57.6 per cent of the eligible voters voted, far below the usual turnout at general elections.More worrisome for Thailand's current leadership, some 62 per cent of the population in the north-east region rejected the charter.

As my Father would have also said... "That could very well be..."

China View says...

Tally shows majority voter turnout in Thailand

Updated tallying results have shown a slight majority of voters across Thailand approved the new constitution draft in Thailand's first-ever national referendum held on Sunday, with a voter turnout of over 50 percent.

Over 23 million votes have been counted, out of the total of less than 46 million eligible voters nationwide, according to the updated tallying results released by media by 10 p.m. local time (1500 GMT), six hours after the polling officially closed at 4 p.m. local time (0900 GMT) earlier Sunday.

Among the counted valid votes, or about 57 percent, have voted "Yes" to the new charter.
The referendum was kicked off at 8 a.m. local time (01OO GMT) Sunday at 88,000 polling stations throughout Thailand. The official outcome is expected to be released on Monday afternoon.

If the victory is confirmed by the official announcement, the military-backed charter would become the 18th constitution Thailand has ever had since the kingdom established a constitutional monarchy in 1932.

The National Legislative Assembly will submit the charter for Royal endorsement. It will take effect after it is signed by the King Bhumibol Aduyaldej.